Sponsors & Partners

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our wonderful sponsors and partners and we're very thankful for their support of Desert Dash. If you get a chance, tell them you saw or heard about them from us and let them know they are appreciated.

  • Red Rock Running Company
    Red Rock Running Company

    Our favorite running store in the Las Vegas valley, Red Rock Running Company is staffed by knowledgable runners and coaches and is owned by a trail ultra-marathon runner. Drop in to either location and get custom-fitted by experts for the perfect shoe!

  • Tailwind Nutrition
    Tailwind Nutrition

    Tailwind is an energy and electrolyte drink made for endurance athletes by endurance athletes and is a total replacement for salt pills, gels, and chews. Unlike traditional electrolyte drinks, Tailwind's fuel digests easily and absorbs quickly, so it's very unlikely to upset your stomach.

  • Altra Running
    Altra Running

    The originators of the term 'Zero Drop', Altra offers runners the world's first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoes without an elevated heel. This unique platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient, comfortable ride.

  • REI

    REI is our official parner for Black Mountain Friday and the leaders behind the #optoutside campaign. Not just a retailer of outdoor and adventure products, REI also is a big proponent of conservation and protecting the great outdoors. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, REI gladly shares their enthusiasm for their products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where we all play.

  • Crafthaus Brewery
    Crafthaus Brewery

    Co-owners and married couple of 15 years, Wyndee and Dave Forrest conjured up the big idea for CraftHaus Brewery while traveling through Europe. They noticed that they were immersed in a craft beer culture where people take their time to enjoy quality beer just as much as they enjoy talking to the people around them. Now, they want to bring that back and help build their Las Vegas community one pint at a time.

  • Pjur Active
    Pjur Active

    pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel is an innovative product that provides protection against chafing and blisters, suitable for all activities. 2skin can be applied directly to the problem area before the skin is exposed to strain. This water and sweat resistant gel forms an invisible protective film and prevents chafing, blisters and other skin irritations.

  • Thrive Massage
    Thrive Massage

    A trail runner herself. Natalia offers many different types of sports and body massage, treatment, and even fitness and health coaching.

Interested in Sponsorship?

We have many sponsorship opportunities available at our races, from putting sample products in our swag bags to full product or cash sponsorships. Please contact us for more information if your company is interested in sponsoring a Desert Dash event.

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