The Dirty VertBootleg Canyon on May 20, 2017

Race ScheduleThe Dirty Vert

Desert Dash and Flightlinez present the 5th edition of The Dirty Vert, the only event in Las Vegas that includes both running and zip lining as you run up Red Mountain and ride the Flightlinez zip lines down!

The Dirty Vert Zipline & Hill Run is back for 2017 on May 20th as a 4-hour block with waves starting every 30 minutes. We've also expanded the Lumberjack and Lumberjill Trophy, a contest of which male and female runners complete the most runs and rides in the 4-hour time limit.

Flightlinez of Bootleg Canyon

After ascending Red Mountain, you will ride the ziplines of Flightlinez of Bootleg Canyon back down to the start/finish area. Consisting of four individual ziplines covering more than 1.5 miles in total, you'll reach speeds of up to 60+ mph as you cruise above the desert terran and trails of Bootleg Canyon.

Due to the requirements of the ziplines, all participants must be between 75 and 250 pounds at the time of the race.

Race Distances

The Dirty Vert is a choose-your-own-route event, but we will have a few routes that are measured and marked for those not familiar with the Bootleg Canyon trail system. The routes vary from 1.1 miles to 3.7 miles, all with at least 800 ft of vertical climb. Listed below are the routes that will be marked, denoted by their trail names:

Snakeback (Red Route)

1.2 miles, 750 ft of vertical climb

The shortest and often quickest way to the top, Snakeback gradually gets steeper and more technical the further up the trail you run.

Girl Scout to Boy Scout (Blue Route)

2.7 miles, 775 ft of vertical climb

The easiest, least technical route to the top (not including the dirt road), Girl Scout and Boy Scout are the some of the least-technical trails in Bootleg Canyon (which isn't saying much) with a steady, gradual climb to the top.

West Leg to Skyline (Orange Route)

3.5 miles, 800 ft of vertical climb

Start out on West Leg, a technical, rolling trail that winds in and out of the canyons above Girl Scout, and continue on Skyline, a very technical hillside trail that will have you hopping over and up rocks and boulders.

Happy Hour Challenge

3.7 miles, 1400 ft of vertical climb

Run downhill to get uphill by heading down Middle Lake View and connecting to Lower Lake View by the very fun Reaper, before turning around and heading up the River Mountain Trail and ascending the switchbacks to the saddle, then finishing up by climbing Hike-A-Bike to the top of Red Mountain.

Race Schedule

Wave Start Time Time Limit Awards Ceremony
Wave 1
Happy Hour Challenge
8:00am 4 hours, 15 minutes 2:15pm
Wave 2
8:30am 3 hours, 45 minutes
Wave 3
Happy Hour Challenge
9:00am 3 hours, 15 minutes
Wave 4
9:30am 2 hours, 45 minutes
Wave 5
Happy Hour Challenge
10:00am 2 hours, 15 minutes
Wave 6
10:30am 1 hour, 45 minutes
Wave 7
Happy Hour Challenge
11:00am 1 hour, 15 minutes
Wave 8
11:30am 45 minutes

Safety Instructions

There is a mandatory safety meeting for all zipline riders that you must attend before you will be allowed to begin your race. Please be present at the start/finish area at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to allow for enough time to attend the safety meeting.

Happy Hour Challenge

The Happy Hour Challenge is the only course at Dirty Vert that must be run as-marked. Challenge yourself and start off running downhill on the Lake View trails to the aid station and checkpoint before continuing on for the long climb up the River Mountain Hiking Trail switchbacks and Red Mountain to the upper Flightlinez Platform.

If you conquer this 3.7 mile, 1400 ft climb course in less than an hour then you'll receive a Happy Hour Challenge shot glass in addition to the finisher's medal for The Dirty Vert.

The Happy Hour Challenge will start with Waves 1 (8:00am), 3 (9:00am), 5 (10:00am), and 7 (11:00am).

Lumberjack / Lumberjill Trophy

Named after local runner Aaron Unger, nicknamed "the Lumberjack" by the General Manager of Flightlinez after he completed this challenge all by himself in 2013, the Lumberjack/Lumberjill Trophies are awarded to the male and female runners that cover the most vertical feet and mileage during The Dirty Vert. At the end of the day, whomever has completed the most run/rides up the mountain and down the ziplines wins!

Want to ride the ziplines more than once? Hate waiting in lines? Lumberjack/Lumberjill participants can run and ride the ziplines as many times as they want throughout the event. Those competing for the trophy will also receive a bracelet allowing them to skip the line at the top of the ziplines so they can get back down to the bottom as fast as possible for another run.

The Lumberjack/Lumberjill Trophy is replacing the Dirty Double from years past, so all participants wanting more than one ride on the ziplines on race day will register for the Lumberjack/Lumberjill Trophy.

Prizes & Awards

There will be prizes from our sponsors (announced as the race gets closer) and custom awards for the fastest 3 males and fastest 3 females for the morning Happy Hour Challenge, Waves 1 through 4, the Moonlight Madness Happy Hour Challenge, and Waves 5 through 8.

All finishers will receive a custom Dirty Vert medal created specifically for this year's race, and all registered runners will receive a Dirty Vert tech tee, in either unisex or ladies-fit*.

*To be guaranteed a ladies-fit tech tee in your size, you must register by March 28, 2014 at 11:59pm. For those registering after the deadline, the shirt sizes are first-come, first-serve at Packet Pickup.

Aid Stations

As the "course" being ran is relatively open, we can't guarantee there will be an aid station on the route you select, but we will have one aid station available at the Lower Caldera lot, located along the easier routes we will have mapped out, as well as an aid station along the Happy Hour Challenge course. There will also be water and food at the finish line on top of Red Mountain.

All aid stations will be stocked with water in water jugs (you must carry your own water bottle), Tailwind Endurance Fuel provided in cups, Island Boost, and an assortment of munchies and goodies to eat.

We have a very firm belief that true trail runners are explorers at heart and minimalists in many ways, therefore, our aid stations are self-serve, meaning no little cups for water! You must bring a hydration system of your own to fill up.

Registration Fees & Deadlines

To guarantee a shirt in your size, you must register by April 28, 2017 at 11:59pm. For those registering after the deadline, the shirt sizes are first-come, first-serve at Packet Pickup.

The Happy Hour Challenge is an additional $10 and you must register for the the Lumberjack Trophy if you want to ride the ziplines more than once.

Although there is no age limit for The Dirty Vert, all participants must weigh between 75 and 250 pounds on race day due to the requirements on the ziplines.

  Waves 1 – 8 Happy Hour Challenge Lumberjack Trophy
Early Bird Entry
Until April 7, 2017 at 11:59pm
$100 $110 $150
Standard Entry
Until May 5, 2017 at 11:59pm
$110 $120 $160
Late Entry
Until May 17, 2017 at 11:59pm
$120 $130 $170

Race Sponsors

Bag Check

A bag check will be provided at the race to check any belongings you do not wish to leave in your car during the race, with the reusable Desert Dash drawstring bag given out at Packet Pickup.

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will only be available the day of the event at the start/finish area.

Refund Policy

We will provide a 100% credit towards a future Desert Dash event up to 6 weeks from the event (April 7, 2017) if notified via email at or via phone at (702) 329-0262.

From 6 weeks up to 2 weeks before the event (May 5, 2017) we will issue a 75% credit towards a future event if notified via email, and from 2 weeks up to 72 hours before the event (May 17, 2017) we will issue a 50% credit.

No credit will be issued within 72 hours of or anytime after the event. There are no refunds given.