Beatty's Backyard UltraBeatty, NV on November 9, 2019

Race ScheduleBeatty's Backyard Ultra

Test your limits and see if you can be the last one standing at Spicer Ranch in Beatty, NV in this race inspired by the Big Backyard Ultra started by Lazarus Lake of Barkley Marathons fame.

Push yourself and see how long you can last on the 4.166667 miles of trail winding across pastures and past natural ponds in Spicer Ranch. As an official affiliate, standout performances at Beatty's Backyard Ultra have a chance at being selected for an entry into the Big Backyard Ultra in Bell Buckle, TN.

Race Distance

Last Man Standing Course

4.166667 miles, 350 ft of vertical climb

Starting from the Spicer Ranch trailhead, the course runs along a ranch access road before a sharp turn under a bridge and onto the STORM trail, where it meets up with the bottom of the Dynamite Trail before circling a natural pond on the Toad Loop. The course continues on the Spicer Ranch Trail, with a small detour on Leffler Trail, up around the Upper Pond before a downhill finish back to the trailhead and the finish.

Big Backyard Ultra Affiliate

Beatty's Backyard Ultra is an official affiliate race for the 2020 Big Backyard Ultra in Bell Buckle, TN. While this doesn't make Beatty's Backyard Ultra a Golden Ticket race, receiving an invite to Big Backyard Ultra is still possible with an outstanding performance. Prior to the 2020 Big Backyard Ultra event, the event organizers will look at all the official affiliate races and select outstanding performances from those races to receive entry into Big Backyard Ultra.

Race Schedule

Distance Start Time Time Limit
Last Man Standing 7:00am None

Last Man Standing

In the traditional Backyard Ultra format, all runners will begin the race together at 7:00am with exactly one hour to complete the 4.166667 mile course. All runners able to complete the course within the one hour time limit will run the course again at 8:00am. All runners that are unable to complete the course within the one hour time limit will be considered a DNF and their race will be over. This pattern will continue until there is only one person still running.

If there is no single runner that completes a lap under the cutoff time (e.g. two remaining runners both miss the cutoff), then there will be no winner declared for the race.

Prizes & Awards

There will be prizes from our sponsors (announced as the race gets closer) for the overall winner of the race along with a custom trophy to put on the mantle. The overall winner will also receive a free entry for the 2020 Beatty's Backyard Ulra race.

All DNFers will receive something to commemerate their performance at the race, and all registered runners will receive a Beatty's Backyard Ultra tech tee, in either unisex or ladies-fit*.

*To be guaranteed a ladies-fit tech tee in your size, you must register by September 20, 2019 at 11:59pm.

Big Backyard Ultra Entry

In the event one or more participants are selected for entry to the 2020 Big Backyard Ultra, we will pay the entry fee for that race.

Aid Stations

There will be no aid stations on course, but there will be food and hydration served at the staging area for runner's use between loops.

The staging area will have water in water jugs (you must carry your own water bottle on course), Tailwind Endurance Fuel, energy gels, and an assortment of munchies and goodies to eat. As it gets later in the day, more substantial food will be offered.

We have a very firm belief that true trail runners are explorers at heart and minimalists in many ways, therefore, our staging area will be self-serve, meaning no cups! You must bring a hydration system of your own to fill up with water, and reusable cup of your own for Tailwind Endurance Fuel and soda.

Race Sponsors

Registration Fees & Deadlines

  Last Man Standing
Early Bird Entry
Until August 16, 2019 at 11:59pm
Standard Entry
Until September 13, 2019 at 11:59pm
Late Entry
Until September 27, 2019 at 11:59pm

Camping & Lodging

There will be ample room near the staging area at Spicer Ranch for free camping for those interested. Proximity to the official start/finish line will be based on the estimated number of laps each runner plans to complete. Those planning on running longer will be nearer to the start/finish line.

There will also be a separate area for RV parking for those wishing to bring an RV for sleeping, but it will not be near the start//finish line for access between loops.

Beatty has both large-chain and locally-owned motels available for rent, although they may fill up fast.

For all participants that are staying in a hotel or utilizing an RV, there will be an area designated to drop gear for accessing between laps.

Packet Pickup

Packet Pickup will be available on Friday, October 4th beginning at 6pm at Spicer Ranch. Packet Pickup may or may not be available on race morning, and we highly encourage all participants to attend Friday night.

Refund Policy

We will provide a 100% credit towards a future Desert Dash event up to 6 weeks from the event. From 6 weeks up to 2 weeks before the event we will issue a 75% credit, and from 2 weeks up to 48 hours before the event we will issue a 50% credit.

To cancel your entry and have a credit automatically generated, please visit your Registration History page on UltraSignup.

No credit will be issued within 48 hours of or anytime after the event. There are no refunds given.