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About Us

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, we’re a group of brothers that enjoy trail running and obstacle course races. We tend to enjoy things that most runners hate, such as running up the hardest hills we can find, then flying down them as fast as we can, and pushing ourselves to the limit physically. It could be said that we’re each a little crazy, but in our own unique ways.

Along with Desert Dash, we also run Crazier Than Thou, a website dedicated to our teams we organize to participate in races, and where we do product and race reviews. We also have other projects in the works, so check back often!

Rob Erekson

The original runner of the family, mostly by virtue of being older than his brothers, Rob ran mostly to stay in shape for soccer and never really enjoyed it until recently. Now an avid trail runner and lover of all things ascent- and descent-related, Rob is known to be fast on tough, technical trails, but tends to zone out on the easy trails, usually falling and injuring himself. Rob’s favorite place to run is on a technical downhill sections, going into full kamikaze mode and letting his feet lead the way.

Rob is married with two children and works full-time as a UX Engineer for The Active Network and is a huge fan of McDonalds and Buffalo Wild Wings, often eating at each weekly, using his love of running to support his eating. He is also the head Web Ninja for Crazier Than Thou.

Ryan Erekson

Ryan is the health nut of the group. He loves anything physical from circuit training at the gym, to running long distances on a whim, to playing three soccer games in four hours. To support his active lifestyle Ryan sustains a deliciously invigorating diet, living by the saying, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. He began his love for fitness playing sports shortly after learning to walk, which lasted until he was injured playing college football. He is now a runner and casually competitive athlete.

Ryan resides in his hometown of Henderson, NV. He is pursing a business-related degree while being involved in numerous ventures and plans to impact vast amounts of people through the organizations and businesses he creates.

Scott Gibson

Scott started running in October of 2010 at the age of 35 when his brothers (Rob, Ryan, and Dalyn) started asking him to come out and run with them. Now after two years Scott loves the feeling of running on trails and the view that he gets when he is away from everyday life. But you can still see him doing training runs on the roads with friends.

Scott is married to the sister of Rob and Ryan, and he has four children. He also enjoys the traditional meal of Buffalo Wild Wings after a long run or a race.

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